Omo Oppa – Kim Jeong Hoon

This choices might not quite meet the requirement of being older than me completely, but I had to do it.  It absolutely and totally counts if he’s at least a few days older than me, right?  I am choosing to believe that it does count and calling Kim Jeong Hoon my Oppa!


I was first introduced to this lovely man in Goong/Princess Hours.  His character ran me through the gamete of emotions.  When he first arrived on the scene I loved him!  He was warm and sweet and kind to the heroine where the Crown Prince was cold and indifferent.  I thought I had learned my lesson with BOF and Ji Hoo, but I was just setting myself up for another case of second male lead syndrome.


As the story progressed and his mother forced his hand… well lets just say that I despised the characters actions and in my brand new stages of K drama addiction I felt angry at my poor Oppa.  Sometimes I get a little caught up in the stories and might just yell or shake my fist at my screen while watching.


Of course he had to make my heart melt and break for him at the end of the show.  Oppa needed a hug and I think I’m the perfect candidate for the job!  I love Goong/Princess Hours just for being itself, but I love it doubly so for introducing me to Jeong Hoon Oppa.


Just recently I watched I Need Romance.  It has since become one of my top five most favorite dramas ever!  I’ll be watching I Need Romance 2 and 3!  However, my love for Jeong Hoon was set aflame once more.  Rawr!


It was a very (and I mean very) mature show, very unlike Goong/Princess Hours.  He was deliciously hot and had a ton of steamy kiss scenes and some wonderful sexy bedroom scenes.  Let’s just say I enjoyed the show immensely.


If I had not already fallen in love with him I would have after watching I Need Romance.  I highly recommend the show, especially if you’re looking for a more mature watch.  So let’s put our hands together for Kim Jeong Hoon Oppa!



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