Christmas Freebies!


This is my first Christmas as a drama fan and an owner of a blog dedicated to the dramas that I love!  In the spirit of the holidays and to thank all the lovely netizens who have encouraged me and read my rambles I wanted to give something back.

Since starting this blog I’ve been slowly re-teaching myself photoshop.  I’ve a long way to go to be happy with what I’m making, but practice makes perfect right?  I’ve been practicing and thought that some of my practice attempts were semi-decent!  So I’m giving them away!  Take them as is or comment with adjustments, titles, words, etc and I’ll do my best to get them updated/changed and back to you!

I hope that everyone has a most spectacular and amazing holiday this year! Fighting!


Link to Full Sized Header


Link to Full Sized Header

(The Woo Bin Header Has Been Claimed)


Link to Full Sized Header


Link to Full Sized Header


Link to Full Sized Header


14 thoughts on “Christmas Freebies!

      1. I’m sure the size is fine. I think I am going to switch to another theme (again) with an adjustable header, so we’ll be good to go. I guess it would look more legit if it had my title on it. And just chose whatever font you think would work best, just make sure we have the exclamation point! Color…what do you think about fuschia? Can you tell I’m crazy? 😉 Also, should I like…send you flowers or something?


      2. Well it is pretty easy to change the size to match yout blog stats so let me know if you need that. Adding your blog name will be simple too! When I get back to the computer I’ll whip it up for you and post the link to the full sizee image on your blog. Fuchsia is a good color 🙂 it will really pop against the black & white. Awww no need! I really enjoy making graphics ane there are only so many I really need for my own site. So please feel free to ask for stuffs!


    1. Hello! Welcome to my corner of the web! 🙂 You are so very welcome for the banner. If you need it re-sized to fit your blog please just let me know! I don’t mind making adjustments. Or even if you’d like the name of your blog/page on the banner itself I’d be happy to add it.


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