Review: Last Cinderella


This was recommended to me by someone on My Drama List, and boy am I thankful they did!  It was also my very first Japanese drama, as well as my first introduction to Haruma Miura (who will promptly be showing up on the Noona Killer list).  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show and really wanted more episodes!  I would have been in drama heaven if there had been an episode showing the happy couple after she said yes to the marriage proposal!  But even without that, this has made it into my top five favorite drams!

I’m still so new to the dramaverse that I’m sure my ratings will change and evolve as my journey continues, and I’m still hesitant to give things a 10.  However, I was really tempted to give this one all 10s.  I’ve just completed watching this and so I’m riding the good drama high, but I’ll do my best to give a decent review that is only slightly tempered by my utter love for this show.

As I’ve stated several times throughout my blog I’m a huge-huge fan of the Noona Romance.  This satisfied all of my Noona Romance needs!  So far of all the Noona Romances that I’ve watched this is absolutely my favorite!  It easily and comfortably dealt with mature themes of attraction and sex.  It addressed the concerns and obstacles that face a Noona Romance with great emotion and class.  The budding romance between Sakura and Hiroto was so fantastically adorable, sweet, and just the perfect amount of awkward.  It had everything that I’ve come to love in my Noona Romances, and all of it was very well done.

Sakura was well written and well executed.   I really loved that the part wasn’t portrayed as unattractive, they showed her as more just having given up on love and herself.   She was both confident and bold, yet naïve and innocent.   Sakura’s chemistry with Hiroto was so cute, it slowly built as she let herself fall in love with him.  It was so good.  The other male lead, Rintaro Tachibana, didn’t quite strike the same chord with me.  I thought the role was nicely written, but I had trouble seeing his feelings as love for Sakura.  Throughout the show the dialogue kept enforcing that being comfortable with a person could substitute love, but even so I wanted to feel more from him in regards to his feelings for Sakura.

I did want to see a little bit more of an initial reaction when Sakura found out about the basis for her relationship with Hiroto.  It seemed that she just brushed it off.  I’m not saying I wanted a weepy main actress to throw herself into depression or anything, but I wanted more substance to that interaction.

The supporting cast of Sakura’s friends and Chiyoko were very well done too.  They were solid and interesting characters who I was very interested in seeing what happened.  All of their stories intertwined nicely.  I like how this drama addressed life lessons/choices that were very specific to women close to forty, and dealt with those issues in a great way.  I also liked Chiyoko, well I loved to hate her, but she also grew and evolved on her own journey and I enjoyed watching that.

All in all, if you are a fan of the Noona Romance genre then this is an absolute must see!

For a full synopsis of the story click this link

Noona’s Rating

Overall: 9 (rated 5 stars on DramaFever)

Story/Writing: 10

Cast/Actors: 9

OST: 8

Sets/Costumes: 8

Feels: 10

The Noona Meter

The Noona Romance is close to my heart, most of you who know me in the blogverse and dramaland know.  With the help of friends I’ve created The Noona Meter.  A rating system that focuses only on the Noona Romance within the show.  To see what each category means take a peek at this article.

The Noona’s Noona Meter

Overall = 9

Emphasis on the Noona Romance being a Forbidden Love = 9

Importance of the Noona/Dongsaeng Age Difference = 10

Dongsaeng’s Persistent Puppy Love = 7

Noona’s Resistance to the Puppy Love = 9

Noona and Dongsaeng’s Relationship =10

Noona is Consistently Strong = 9


To help provide a more well rounded view of the drama here are some amazingly written (much more eloquent than me) reviews.  Some hated this drama and others loved it.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Last Cinderella

  1. I’ve been keeping this on my watch list and am waiting for the time when i’ll be in the mood for something of its genre. I don’t want to force myself to watch it now when I’m in the mood for some other genres like paranormal romance n all. it wouldn’t be as much fun and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it completely with my mindset.


    1. So far it is my most favorite Noona Romance. But it is really so much more than that, it has a few other tropes mixed in that I loved as well.

      Mood is such a huge factor in your enjoyment of a drama. I absolutely support waiting until you’re in the right mood for this drama. I think once you do get the urge to watch you’ll love it!

      Paranormal romances are so much fun too! I’m on a paranormal romance novel kick right now heh and loving every moment of it.


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