Dongsaeng – Lee Un

I honestly debated quite a bit over choosing Lee Un as my dongsaeng.  Firstly, I suppose I felt a sort of guilt since I only recently watched Coffee Prince and had no idea of his tragic death.  Second, once I discovered that sad news I wasn’t sure I could properly honor his memory.  I talked with a friend about it and with her sage advice, “If you loved him, loads of people probably loved him.  Honoring his memory by talking about what you liked about his performance is the right thing.”  I believe she’s right.  So without further ado here’s this weeks Dongsaeng, Lee Un as his character Hwang Min Yeop!


Look at his smile, how could you resist that!  From the moment he appeared on my screen I instantly adored him.  Granted I loved pretty much everything about Coffee Prince, but Min Yeop just made me smile and for that he earned my affection.


I absolutely loved how Lee Un portrayed Min Yeop.  There was a childlike  wonder about how he saw the world.  Everything was met with a high level of excitement and enthusiasm that just made me want to jump and play with him.  There was a wonderful innocence about him that made me want to protect him.


Especially in scenes like this.  Seeing him cry and in emotional pain, I was a big Noona mess.  It broke my heart and made me angry at the people who had made him upset enough to cry.  Someone so wonderfully sweet shouldn’t ever cry!


Then of course his incredibly adorable face when he got a kiss!  Come on look at him, don’t you just want to cuddle him and tell him that he did a good job?  Way too cute.


Of course how can I forget the amazing Bro-mance he had with these two handsome men!  Their scenes together were amazing and totally worthy of being in the ranks of the best Bro-mances!  And so there you have it, this week’s dongsaeng is Min Yeop as portrayed by Lee Un!


2 thoughts on “Dongsaeng – Lee Un

  1. Aw. Lee Un. I LOVED him as Min Yeop, and was stunned and quite devastated when he died 😥 He did an amazing job as Min Yeop, and I found him extremely, supremely likable. The BTS footage of him was even more endearing, considering he looked shy and even a little geeky in some of it. Gone too soon, seriously. But so lovely, while he was here. ❤


    1. Me too! I loved-loved-loved him as Min Yeop! I wanted to cuddle him all the time. I just learned about his passing while I was searching for pictures of him. What a huge tragedy to have lost him so young, most definitely too soon.


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