Noona Killer – Kim Hyun Joong

The very first drama that I ever watched was Boys Over Flowers, so I believe that it is entirely appropriate that my original Noona Killer was introduced to me there.  Meet Kim Hyun Joong.


Oh there are so many things to fangirl about, however, what drew me to him is admittedly his portrayal of the Nation’s Sunbae, Yoon Ji Hoo.  Coincidentally, he was also my first case of Second Male Lead Syndrome and utterly broke my heart in a million-bazillion pieces.  Regardless of the insanity that was BOF, I will always love Ji Hoo.


After BOF I had to know more, because I was already attached.  I learned he could sing, and sing well!  So I started to listen to SS501.  This Noona Killer was the first to introduce me to Kpop!  Another reason to absolutely adore him.  I’m still a newbie to Kpop (who am I kidding I’m a newbie to drama too), and I’ve yet to take the ultimate dive into Kpop fandoms, but I’m pretty close.  As I was looking into his music and his career I realized that my sweet and romantic Ji Hoo,


had become an even more dangerous Noona Killer.  I’ve been following news and what not about him since I watched BOF and his solo debut pictures left me as a puddle of Noona, but then I found this…


I’m fairly certain he was trying to give me a heart attack… because there is also this…


and we cannot ignore this…


I would have always kept him close to my fangirl heart even had he kept his idol look from his Ji Hoo days… but now he’s absolutely solidified his place as my original Noona Killer.


7 thoughts on “Noona Killer – Kim Hyun Joong

  1. Aw. I was smitten with Ji Hoo too, on my first watch of BOF. It boggles the mind, really, how much his image has evolved since then. From sweet willowy flower boy before, now he’s moved definitively into more beast-man territory. But I approve. The sculpted look becomes him. Though I wouldn’t say the same about the helmet hair! XD


  2. Aww Ji Hoo, I forgave him very quickly for ridiculously playing the violin in the forest coz he was so sweet. Trust you’ve seen the new Age of Feeling promos? He’s looking really great there 😉


    1. That scene! I couldn’t help but chuckle, it was so silly. Though, like you, I forgave him quickly because he was just so sweet. I have! I am very-very excited for Age of Feeling. I’ve been watching the news about it pretty avidly. He looks amazing there, I can’t wait to see how he does with a more serious role.


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