A Thankful Noona

It is exactly 8 months since I started watching Korean Dramas (thanks to Hulu for saving the exact date I started BoF).  I seriously cannot believe that it has only been 8 months!  It feels like I’ve been watching these amazing shows forever.  Though when I look at my list of completed shows I realize just how little I’ve experienced so far.  There is just so much more to look forward to and so many shows that I want to watch I sometimes wish I could take a few months vacation and just curl up and marathon dramas.  Course my husband and son might have an issue with my disappearing for a few months, but a girl can dream.

I started this blog because I wanted to shout out to the world just how much fun I was having in dramaland and I had no one around to squee with.  It has been a month since I started to blog and I could never have known just what I was getting myself into.  A few months ago I discovered the blogverse and realized there was a better way to watch dramas.  When I first started I just followed an actor from show to show and it didn’t always end up to be a good time for me.  Then I had the bright idea of looking up suggestions on the vast interwebs.  Mostly I began by searching out the shows with happy endings, I’m a sucker for the warm-uzzies.  Then the magic really happened, I discovered blogs and others who had the same obsessive addiction that I had!

This discovery was really very exciting.  I lost myself in the world of blogs and read articles and posts like a starving woman.  I lurked in happy silence for awhile, just absorbing the words of my Sunbaes and finding a better path to navigate the vast list of dramas out there to watch.  Finally, just after starting my own blog, I came out of the lurk-closet and started to comment on the blogs I was reading.  Boy am I glad that I did!

My enjoyment of dramas has increased threefold, at least.  I mean, since joining the ranks of the drama-addicted I’ve truly been enamored by the shows I’ve watched.  However, since finding people like Stephanie of Krazy for Kdrama and Kfangurl from the Fangirl Verdict and DDee of Obsessive Compulsive (k)drama-watching disorder. Then I’ve meet Diamond Writing Inc and Sarah from K-Dramas For Life on Google+, two ladies whom I adore!  And of course a shout out to Steve my Hyung!  I have discovered a whole new way to experience and enjoy the dramas that have taken over most of my brain and all of my feels.  Since I’m so new most of my Sunbaes have seen the shows I’m just now starting.  But that’s ok, I get to gush to them about what I’m watching and they KNOW, they understand the feels and they can squee with me about it all.  Having these amazing people in my cyber-life has helped me to find an even more amazing quality of Asian dramas.

These shows have a power outside of just being great TV.  They have brought together people from all over the world.  I suppose that it is like any other fandom that I’ve happily been a part of.  However, speaking as a fangirl for various geeky endeavors, there is just something different about the Korean drama fans.  Or perhaps it is because I’m just so in love with everything and anything drama related that they seem so spectacular.  But whatever the case I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all those drama addicts who have exponentially increased my enjoyment of dramas!  You guys rock!


5 thoughts on “A Thankful Noona

  1. Aren’t drama fans the best? I totally agree that there is something special about us ;). As a newbie too, I was really taken aback by how everyone is really warm and welcoming which is something I’d never experienced before. I was under the impression that the net is a minefield of crazies taking advantage of anonymity. But dramaland is so different and a huge part of the reason why I decided to start commenting and blogging as well. And it does make the whole drama experience exponentially better!


    1. They so totally are the best! I haven’t met a fandom that is as open, caring, and warm as drama fans. Agreed, it isn’t like anything else that I’ve experienced and it just makes me love dramas even more. Knowing that there are so many sweet people that I can talk to and watch dramas with is just so amazing.


  2. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Jaime!! It’s awesome that you’re enjoying your romp in dramaland this much! It’s always a pleasure to squee with you! And like I always say, the good thing about being newish to kdrama, is you just have SO many goodies to choose from! You will literally never run out of good dramas to inhale! And that can only be a good thing, no? ^.~


    1. Of course Sunbae! You’ve been a huge inspiration and friend on my journey through dramaland 🙂 I truly am having such a good time. Exactly! My list of dramas that I want to watch after talking with the fans in dramaland is so huge it will take me forever to get to them all. And dramas keep being made that I so want to see, it will be an amazing never ending cycle.


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