Dongsaeng – Park Shin Hye

This week’s Dongsaeng is the absolutely gorgeous and graceful Park Shin Hye.  I first saw her in You’re Beautiful, she was portraying identical twins Go Mi Nam and Go Mi Nyu.  That show was about her thirteenth she’d been in, but it was my first introduction to her.

I have since seen her in Heartstrings, Goong S, Running Man, and Heirs.  However, she always makes me want to hug her up.  I do believe that she is the queen of the pouty face, if not the queen of tears.

It is a definite talent that she is able to do sad so well and so convincingly.  Whatever place she goes to mentally to portray that sadness really does the trick.  I mean in nearly every episode of You’re Beautiful I wanted to hug her because she was just so sad.
By the time I watched her in Heartstrings I already wanted to protect her as her Unni, but her sad face and crying just made it worse.  I wanted to make everything alright for her.
Look at those tears!  It broke my heart seeing her cry, which just means she is a good actress in my opinion.  Then I saw her on Running Man, she is too adorable for words!  Very opposite of the characters she plays, during the crazy stuff they do on Running Man she was often laughing and giggling and generally having a good time.  Which just made me adore her even more.
Then I started Heirs, after having seen her be so adorable and happy on Running Man, it broke my heart all over again to see her so sad all the time!  I mean like every episode she was sobbing and enduring hardships and I just wanted to dive in there and take her away from everything that made her upset.
Let’s have a round of applause for the utterly adorable dongsaeng Park Shin Hye!

2 thoughts on “Dongsaeng – Park Shin Hye

  1. Shin Hye is love! I totally agree with you in this :)) ❤ PSH is really adorable. Believe it or not, I loved her sooo much in The Heirs. Then I decided to watch her other dramas and movies. Greetings from the Philippines, Noona O:)


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