Omo Oppa – Kim Jong Kook

I first watched Running Man after watching City Hunter.  I had been swept away by the utter adorableness of Lee Kwang Soo and saw that he was a main cast member of Running Man.  So I rushed over to DramaFever and started watching.  I was utterly hooked after one episode.  Though it wasn’t just because of my dongsaeng Kwang Soo or how much the show made me laugh like I was insane.  If I’m honest, I kept coming back because I just could not get enough of watching Kim Jong Kook!  Omo… what a gorgeous man.  This Oppa definitely had me squeeing like any good fangirl should.

The more that I watched the more I found to enjoy about watching him.  I mean come on look at that man.  I really, really liked just watching him.
However, the more I saw the more I began to adore the man’s personality.  Even though he’s built like Adonis, he seemed humble and shy even about his body.  Every time another cast member made a joke or comment about his buff frame he’d laugh and look away demurely.  Guh, that just made me squee all the more.
To add to that adorableness he has such a respectful nature about him.  Even when they are in the middle of a fierce competition he can always be seen taking care of Song Ji Hyo and the other female guests.  And it isn’t about screen time or the gag, it is just to be sure they are doing alright with all the physical and zaney stuff the show makes them do.
And then add to that his friendship with Kwang Soo!  Guh be still my heart!  On the show they are often at odds, however, in real life they are often seen attending events and weddings together.  And in many interviews they’ve both stated that they are very close friends even spending the night at one another’s houses!  I mean come one how cute is that!
So here’s in honor of my very first Oppa!  Three cheers for Kim Jong Kook!!!

6 thoughts on “Omo Oppa – Kim Jong Kook

  1. Molly, my drama watching partner, who happens to be a nine year old cat, has the cutest little kitty crush on Kim Jong Kook. Whenever we watch Running Man or I play one of his music videos on YouTube, she snuggles up next to the phone and perks up her ears. The look of disgust on her face when he quits talking/singing… I’ve never seen a cat react to a mere human like that before.


    1. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m currently dealing with an injury which makes it difficult to sit at the computer for long periods. I am truly appreciative of your time and the fact you’ve commented here! Thank you for your patience!

      Funny that you drama partner who has a crush on Jong Kook is a cat because my son (who loves Running Man probably more than I do) calls Jong Kook, Kitty. Which makes me giggle every time! Omo! I adore your cat, that is just the most adorable thing ever. Though, I can totally understand her appreciation for Jong Kook! I feel the same way, whenever he’s on my screen I’m a very happy Noona, but when he’s gone I can’t help but pout lol.


  2. It’s amazing how I got teary eyed reading your post, haha! Although I get annoyed at Jong Kook oppa sometimes because he’s too competitive with the older ahjussis, I still agree he’s very humble and cute in his own way. And I really really adore him! One of my favorite moments was when Shin Bong Sun unni was a guest on the show, Jong Kook was very considerate and caring towards her. Hahaha! I’m also overly fond over Kwang Soo Oppa 🙂 He has his own unique charms, he is soo funny and very humble too. I actually love all casts from Running Man! Hahaha!
    Love lots,
    Tin from Manila


    1. First let me apologize for the extremely late reply, I am recently returned from a fairly long hiatus.

      I get annoyed with him sometimes too, but I think it is all just part of the character he plays for the show. I think he works really hard to be both a good leader and competitive. Jong Kook is considerate to a lot of the female guests, and I love that he seems to be weak to a girl’s smile. Kwang Soo is adorable and fun and I love him lots. Same here I love the whole Running Man cast.


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