Read All About It

It’s been awhile since I posted about the Fan Story that I was starting.  I wrote the dust jacket synopsis and then the preface, but then it took me a very long time to finish chapter one.  It is completed and posted on the Heart Murmurs page, so please go and read and give me feedback!

My concept is that each chapter would translate to one episode of a show. I have no idea how many chapters there will be, though I hope to keep it around twenty-five.  At least similar to the number of episodes that are average for a Korean Drama.  I do  have a plan, though it has already changed several times with the writing of the first chapter.  I hope to solidify my outline while writing chapter two.  So that way I feel a bit more confident while creating the story.

This is the first story that I’ve written that I’m actually sharing for mass consumption.  I do write a lot, but I’ve never shown those stories to anyone, not even my husband.  I just love to write, it is like a form of stress relief.  With that being said I am a horrible editor so there are bound to be grammatical and continuity mistakes.  If you, my amazing and lovely readers, find these errors I beg you to please let me know so I can fix them.  The only way to get better is to listen to honestly provided feedback and critiques and I most assuredly do want to get better.

Because I am also a visual person I thought it would be fun to cast the characters of my story.  So there is also a cast page with the actors and actresses that I think best fit the roles.  Some of them have yet to be introduced in the story, but I wanted to get them all posted there so as they appear it is easy to visualize who they are.

So without further ado… here is Heart Murmurs.


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