Dongsaeng – Jeremy

This week’s edition will be a little different than last week’s.  And as I plan out the next few dongsaeng’s I think it will be a lot more like this.  What’s the difference you ask?  Well this week my dongsaeng is a character from a drama not the actual actor who plays the character.  There are loads of characters that I’ve seen in my short time in drama-land that I just want to squeeze and cuddle because they are just beyond adorable.

Which brings us to this week’s dongsaeng.  Introducing Jeremy from You’re Beautiful!

If you’re seen the drama perhaps you shared my absolute adoration for him.  In fact he was my favorite part of the band.  I loved his fun attitude, zest for life, and innocence.  He was the little brother to the band as well and I was glad to see Shin Woo take care of my dongsaeng throughout the show.

As he gets to know Mi Nam/Mi Nyu Jeremy doesn’t trust the newest band member.  His attempts to get Mi Nam/Mi Nyu to talk are childish and silly, but they made me love him even more.  I also loved his relationship with his dog Jolie.

When I really wanted to swoop in and take care of Jeremy is when he begins to trust and like Mi Nam/Mi Nyu, but doesn’t understand his feelings.  The poor boy doesn’t know that Mi Nam is really Mi Nyu and is afraid of how he feels for another man.  I just wanted to cuddle him and tell him it was ok.
But what really kicked in my Noona sensibilities was after he found out that Mi Nyu was a girl.  He realizes that he’s fallen in love with her, but she’s fallen in love with Tae Kyung.  Holy cow my heart broke so badly here and I cried more over this moment than any other moment in the whole show.  Then he has to go and cry while singing that song… yeah I was a goner.
So this week’s dongsaeng is adorable Jeremy!

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