Review: You’re Beautiful


The gender bender genre hasn’t really ever interested me.  So how did I end up watching You’re Beautiful, a gender bender drama?  Funny story that.  My husband and I were building a computer, neither of us are overly tech-savvy, but we’re competent.  We’d dismantled our old computer and started building the new one from scratch.  Unfortunately we did not complete it in a day, which meant that I had no way to watch my dramas.  Fortunately, I have a Kindle Fire and Amazon Prime so I jumped on there and started searching out Korean dramas.  I now know that there is an app for DramaFever (where I watch all my dramas) for the Kindle and we also have a Roku so if this happens in the future I’m covered.  There were only about five shows that I could find on Amazon Prime to stream through my Kindle, and of those five You’re Beautiful caught my interest more than the rest.  So I sat down to watch a gender-bender drama.

My biggest turn off was how they dressed/styled Park Shin Hye.  Since watching You’re Beautiful I have watched Coffee Prince and Yoon Eun Hye was such a more convincing boy.  Even back when I had watched this drama, before having seen Coffee Prince, I was disappointed with the effort they put into Park Shin Hye as a boy.  Shin Hye is definitely feminine and beautiful even with neutral makeup and the short hair, it wasn’t enough to disguise her.  I wanted more effort in the styles they dressed her in, though I couldn’t honestly pinpoint any specific ideas.  It just fell flat for me.  Also, her actions and mannerisms weren’t masculine.  I know it is a TV show and I should suspend my disbelief and just accept that the members of the band would look at her with her short hair and accept that she was a boy.  But I can’t, she was still just too pretty for me.  Anyway, even though I can’t really give meaningful ideas on how this could be improved, it was what made me not emotionally invest in the show as much as I could have.

The thing I liked the most was the Bromance between the band members.  I thought they cast the band perfectly.  Each one represented a different quality/personality.  Their interactions with one another were very enjoyable.  They were like brothers and best friends throughout the whole of the show.  Jeremy was so adorable and innocent.  His fun loving attitude made him my favorite of the band members themselves.  Though I think my most favorite thing about him was the fact that he read the fan-fiction about him and the other band members, that was just an absolute hoot.  I like that Kim Shin Woo was the calm one, the voice of reason.  He balanced out Jeremy’s eccentricities and Hwang Tae Kyung’s diva/narcissistic personality.  Then Hwang Tae Kyung was the perfect leader role, he was pushy and needy but also really did have a desire for the band to succeed.  The writers did a great job with the band as a whole.

Kim Shin Woo also gave me yet another seriously heartbreakingly painful case of second male lead syndrome.  I wanted him to get the girl so badly.  However, it frustrated me how he went about getting the girl.  His plan of attack had so much to do with why he didn’t end up with Go Mi Nyu.  I wanted him to get the courage to talk to her long before he confronted her in the chapel.  If he had been more open with her and let her know that he was in on the secret, well it could have been a totally different story.  So I both loved his character’s story and disliked it.

I also appreciated Uee in this drama.  She did a fantastic job with portraying her role.  I totally believed that she was a spoiled brat who had the whole nation fooled.  Additionally, I think she did a great job as her part as a villain.  Though I think the best part was her redemption wasn’t completely out of left field, she grew as a character but didn’t escape the natural boundaries they’d set up in the beginning.

However, out of everything I think I loved the music the most.  This is only one of four OST’s that I’ve actually purchased.  It helped that the songs were actually performed by the actors, it gave it a very real feel throughout the show itself.  If A.N. Jell was an actual band I would buy their music in a heartbeat.

Though I do really like this drama, it just never really reeled me in through the feels.  I think it had the most to do with it being a gender-bender story.  I just couldn’t completely invest myself in the story as it unfolded because I found it so very unbelievable.  But that doesn’t stop me from giving it a high rating, in the end it was an enjoyable ride and I’m glad I watched it.


Noona’s Rating
Overall: 6.8
Story/Writing: 6
Cast/Actors: 6
OST: 9
Sets/Costumes: 7
Feels: 6


3 thoughts on “Review: You’re Beautiful

  1. Ha. You are not alone, Jaime!! I was quite underwhelmed by You're Beautiful on first watch, and was particularly unimpressed with how they portrayed Go Mi Nam. I just couldn't believe that (a) she was that naive and ditzy and (b) anyone could believe she was a boy.But here's the weird thing. I loved – LOVED!!! – You're Beautiful on my 2nd watch about a year later. I was just so curious about why the rest of the dramaverse loved this show to bits and I disliked it so. I wanted to find out what the fuss was about, and dove in. And BAM! Fell in love. And then proceeded to watch it a 3rd – THIRD!! – time with my mum, who loved it. Funny, eh?I think a lot of it had to do with context. And understanding the campy style of the Hong sisters, who wrote the drama. I wrote a post about what makes dramas cracky vs crappy early-ish in my blogging "career" which was inspired by a post Steph wrote. It turned into this whole theory about drama watching, ha. If you'd like to check it out just for kicks, you can find it here:'re Beautiful gets a very special, specific mention, of course ^^


  2. It is such a strange place for me. Because I had so many things I didn’t like about You’re Beautiful, but it ended up getting a higher rating from me than other shows that I also disliked. It actually scored right up there with shows I loved like Me Too, Flower and What’s Up Fox. So I’m not sure how I wrote a review detailing what I didn’t like but scored it so well. I mean I did enjoy the show, I’m so glad I watched it and I do recommend it to other people… but I can’t get over the list of things I wished had been done better.I just read your article, and wow you hit the nail on the head with that post for sure! (It has inspired me to write my own post, so yeah you’re amazing my friend!) Crack show verse Crappy show, so well said. I think when I get to a point that I want to rewatch shows this will actually end up on the list. Because as I’ve said it wasn’t bad as a whole, I just couldn’t stand some of the bits and pieces. But even with those when it was all added up I liked it! Thank you for sharing your post with me! It captured just how I feel about some of the shows I’ve already watched.


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