Dongsaeng – Lee Kwang Soo

I first saw Kwang Soo when I watched City Hunter.  That drama is in my absolute favorites list.  He played Go Ki Joon; the stiff, intelligent, and awkward tech for the Blue House.  He worked along side Lee Min Ho’s character as he worked undercover in the same office.  He was just so utterly adorable that I wanted to squish him and take him home.

After completing that drama I saw that he was a main cast member in Running Man, I must admit he’s the reason I started to watch it.  I’m not much for variety TV, I don’t watch any American variety TV at all.  However, from the first episode I was completely hooked.  That show makes me laugh so much that sometimes I cry.

I’ve only recently started watching Running Man’s first episodes, I actually started somewhere in the middle.  After the cast members had already formed their particular roles within the show.  So Kwang Soo was already the Betrayer.  Every time they play his theme and he looks sad I want to swoop in and scold the others for hurting my hyung’s feelings.
Kwang Soo is just adorable.  He is my first dongsaeng and will always hold a very special place in my heart.

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