I’m not new to the world of fan-fiction, I’ve even tried my hand at it a few times with other fan clubs that I’m a part of (i.e. Firefly, Harry Potter, Supernatural, etc).  Though I’m always reticent about portraying a canon character because if I set out to write their unwritten stories I have to be sure that I am true to the character.  And with a fan-fiction it can be so very easy to change the character to fit the story you want to tell.  To me that defeats the purpose of the fan-fiction.  If you aren’t being true to the character completely then you aren’t writing fan-fiction, you’re writing a story based on a character that you are head over heels in love with.  Which is completely fine, just don’t call it fan-fiction.

Currently I’ve been watching Heirs, though I gave up at episode 14.  The show had so much potential and it felt as if the writers were just coasting through the story depending on the big stars they had on screen.  So I threw my hands up in the air and walked away.  I’m certain once its complete I’ll go back and watch the rest, because I do want to see how it ends.  So why mention Heirs?  Well the character of Choi Young Do absolutely inspired me to want to try my hand at fan-fiction again.  However, the same old doubts kept nagging me and I love the character so completely that I do not want to mess up in portraying him.  So that got me to thinking… why not write a fan-story that is based on my love of Choi Young Do, but make something completely new.

So that’s what I’ve started to do.  I’ve taken what I love about the character and I’ve created a story all my own based around that.  Its a story that I’ve thought about and outlined previously, but once I made the choice to base the main character on Choi Young Do I made some simple changes and bam I’ve got a new story to tell that allows me to take all the things I love about the character and make it my own.

I’ll be posting the chapters on the Heart Murmurs page here on my blog.  You’ll see it above in the navigation bar.  Every so often when I have a few chapters to show I’ll make a post to let everyone know there are some words over there to take a gander at.  I hope that people enjoy the story and I look forward to feedback and suggestions.  So please comment to your heart’s content here.


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