Review: Boys Over Flowers


I got the urge to re-watch this drama recently.  The feels will never change, I loved this drama when I watched it.  It caused my addiction and I will always have fond and sweet and warm memories of those hours I spent getting to know this show.  However, when I re-watched it after having not seen it for seven months… It did not live up to the memories I had.  I won’t change this review, because it was written like my other reviews after only one complete watch through.  However, I am updating my rating numbers, because sadly it didn’t live up to the pristine memory I had created.

Oh boy… this is the first drama that I ever watched, the one which started it all.  It will always hold a special place in my heart, on a high-high pedestal, perfect in every way, the drama to which no other drama could ever compare.  Well… it is really hard to think another drama might take its place in my heart.  However, as I’ve watched more and more dramas I’ve found this level of love for other dramas for a whole plethora of reasons.   But no matter how many dramas I watch I highly doubt that the special and honored place that Boys Over Flowers has in my heart will change.

In my opinion this drama is an excellent choice to introduce the non-K Drama-believer to the world of K-Dramas.  For me it made me hungry to know more about the culture of Korea, the language, and the story concepts used to tell this tale.  Because of this drama I was introduced to some very basic concepts of the K-Drama scene.  Chaebol, Eomeoni, OTP, OST, STP, Flowerboy, Sunbae, Wae/Wae-yo, Ya!, Second Male Lead Syndrome, and Oppa.  As I watch more and more dramas I gather more and more terms and words to my knowledge base.  I’m sure there are other really phenomenal choices for a person’s first drama, but I’m biased and really believe Boys Over Flowers is in the top three best choices to bring people into the fold.

I won’t summarize the story here, there are so many places and blogs which rehash and retell the store in its entirety.  Instead, my goal is to talk about what I liked and disliked about the story itself.  Hopefully help others to decide if Boys Over Flowers is for them.

Let’s start off by saying if you’re watching a drama for the eye-candy then Boys Over Flowers has it in abundance.  All of the F4 are handsome Flowerboys.  Each fulfilling a different character archetype.  Goo Jun Pyo is the cold hearted Chaebol who torments and tortures others with a smirk.  Yoon Ji Hoo is the tender hearted and warm second male lead with a smile that can melt your heart.  So Yi Jung is the suave Casanova/Plyaboy who can charm the pants off anything.  And Last but certainly not least is Song Woo Bin, the enforcer and smooth talker of the group who will defend his friends no matter what.  Something for everyone that’s for sure.

Geum Jan Di is the poor, working class gal who finds herself wrapped up in the world of the excessively rich.  She is stubborn, cheerful, hard working, and a bright light to her friends.  For me she was amazing to watch.  The story put her through the gamut of emotions and she still remained strong and true to her own morals.  For me that was an amazing journey to witness.

I keep saying what I loved about this show, so I should add a few notes about what I didn’t like.  Geum Jan Di’s family caused me no end of frustrations.  The more I learn about the culture there and the image portrayed in their TV shows I can see where they were coming from.  However, this poor noona just couldn’t get over the fact that they were pretty much trying to sell their daughter to a rich family for their own improvement.  Plus the strained/strange relationship between the parents didn’t sit well with me.  Because Jan Di was so hard working I really wanted to see a family that supported her and was happy at home.  Lastly, it bothered me that the parents left the high school daughter in charge of her middle school brother and left to make money.

The Eomeoni, Jun Pyo’s mom, yeah I hated her so much.  I understand the role she played and the way she created dramatic intensity in the story, however, she was a bit much.  I wanted to see her part toned down a little, because then it would have been a little bit more believable.

This story introduced me to Second Male Lead Syndrome, I’m sure there are a ton of other names for it.  But what it boils down to is that I loved Ji Hoo so much that by the end of the story my heart was broken and bleeding for him and his unrequited love.  I hated that he didn’t get a happily ever after, it still bothers me to this day.

Other things that I loved about this show was the secondary love story between So Yi Jung and Cha Ga Eul.  It was fun to watch Yi Jung grow as a man and to see Ga Eul slowly fall in love with him.  The friendship that blossomed between Ji Hoo and Jan Di makes my heart all warm and fuzzy (as long as I don’t think about his unhappy ending).  I loved how Goo Jun Hee (Goo Jun Pyo’s older sister) and Min Seo Hyun (Ji Hoo’s first love) protected and supported Jan Di.  I also just loved the story.  Angry, rich, spoiled, brat who slowly becomes a good man through his love for a woman he shouldn’t want.  The acting was superb and writing amazing.  Best of all, for me, it had a mostly happy ending.  There were a few sad things which I wish could have turned out better for the characters I adore, but even with these road bumps the ending was happy and sweet.


Noona’s Rating for First Drama Ever Noona’s Rating On the Second Watch
Overall                            9                        5.8
Story/Writing                            9                         4
Cast/Actors                           10                         5
OST                            9                         4
Sets/Costumes                            7                         6
Feels                           10                        10

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