A Spiraling Obession

I wish that I could pin-point the exact moment that I entered the world of Korean Dramas.  That moment in which I became so obsessed that I stopped watching anything but dramas that were subtitled.  The instance that I fell over the precipice.  I know what show it was which stole my heart and captured my undying attention, but the details of how I discovered the show are a bit fuzzy.  However, despite my inability to recall the exacts of my entrance to this world I am going to try and recount my spiral into obsession.

In the grand scheme of obsessed K-Drama addicts my time here has been relatively short, it has been exactly half a year since I discovered Boys Over Flowers.  I was blissfully watching a TV show on Hulu.com, right now I have no idea what show that was.  However, when it concluded Hulu graciously suggested other shows that were similar to the one I had finished and given four or five stars to.  There were about ten suggested options, all but one were British or American shows.  Then, at the end of the line, there was Boys Over Flowers.  I remember finding the title humorous, the image of the four men intriguing considering the posh and somewhat effeminate clothing they were wearing, and being intrigued because I had no idea what it was.

Now, as I am a firm lover of all things of the Korean Drama world, I wish I could say that I dove head first into Boys Over Flowers with excitement and an open mind.  In truth, I clicked on it to see just how ridiculous the show turned out to be.  I watched the first episode and chuckled at the concept, told myself it was all very silly, and went on with watching some other show which had been in the suggested list.  However, I couldn’t get that first episode out of my head.  I kept thinking about how strong Geum Jan Di was, how her exuberance made me wish other female leads had that attitude.  Of course I was drawn to the absolutely gorgeous faces of the F4 group as well.  It wasn’t more than three to five days later and I was back on Hulu and watching Boys Over Flowers again.

The moment that I gave in and went back to watch the second episode I was hooked.  I fell in love with the acting, the filming style, the story concepts, the character archetypes… all of it.  I watched seven hours of Boys Over Flowers that day and spent every hour of my work week trying to determine when I could fit in time to watch the rest of the episodes.  Once I completed all twenty-five shows I wanted more… no that isn’t actually true I needed more.  I was three-hundred percent addicted and there was no going back.  Truthfully I didn’t want to go back, I was in love.

Since then I have spent every free moment I can watching dramas from Korea and Taiwan.  I have found blogs about others who share my love of these dramas, I have subscribed to Dramafever.com so I can watch my dramas without the interruption of commercials… I think about the drama I am currently watching all the time and debate which drama will fill my need next.  Obsessed… absolutely obsessed and loving every moment of it.


2 thoughts on “A Spiraling Obession

  1. boys over flowers was the first Korean drama I watched too, its was what made love Korean drama and I was hooked!! Now I can see that its wasn’t the best tv show ever but its has a big and never forgotten seat in my heart of Korean dramas.


    1. I was so hooked after the first episode of Boys Over Flowers, I seriously couldn’t watch the episodes fast enough. I tried to rewatch some of the episodes and I couldn’t. It was too ridiculous. But like you it will never be kicked out of it’s place of honor in my heart. I’ll love it a lot because it introduced me to Korean Dramas!


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