My Queen: Ep 3 & 4


This Episode Review Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees.

Lucas and Wu Shuang set out to meet the mistress who was once Wu Shuang’s teacher. It is pointed out by her co-workers and boss how callous this is, though it falls into line with what we know of her character thus far. She sees only the story, not the fallout of what will happen when the story is published. Wu Shuang doesn’t consider the politician’s wife and son or the mistress and daughter, they are an acceptable loss when compared with getting her story. She and Lucas trick her former teacher into giving them information and record it even though they said they wouldn’t. This doesn’t sit well with Lucas, though Wu Shuang ignores his protests.


Noona Killer – Ethan Ruan

The first time that I saw Ethan Ruan was in “Fated to Love You.”  I have never cried as much watching a drama as I cried watching that one.  Even though I needed to take a break from the emotional roller coaster, I was completely enamored by Ethan Ruan.

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My Queen: Ep 1 & 2



This Episode Review Contains Spoilers in the Form of Fangirl Squees.

It has been ages since I have watched a drama of any sort.  Let me tell you, I have missed it greatly.  Once I was well enough to sit and watch a show then I was faced with the exceptionally difficult question of what to watch.  My lovely and amazing drama blogsphere friends offered some excellent suggestions, one of which was Witch’s Romance (thank you Drama Fan!)  I very much want to watch that show, however, the Taiwanese version has been on my watch list for ages.  So I thought I’d start there, and since I’m such a humongous fan of Noona Romances, it just seemed to fit perfectly.


Comeback Tour: Opening Number

I’m at the start of my Comeback Tour, and falling in love with dramaland all over again. To kick off my return to being healthy and cognizant enough to watch dramas I started with some Running Man. The episode where they used “You Who Came From the Stars” as their theme had me rolling on the floor! After that I watched a few episodes of “We Got Married Global Edition 2” I so love that show, it is just about as good as the first season. With a few variety/reality shows under my belt I was ready to dive into my first drama in months. I picked “My Queen.” Hopefully I’ll be completing my review of it soon! However, it reminded me of why I love the Noona Romance so much.

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Comeback Tour

I just wanted to makes a giant apology to all those who have made this blog as successful as it is.  I am very sorry that I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth.  A few months prior to my disappearance I punctured the bursa sack of my hip.  I was undergoing some intensive physical therapy in hopes of avoiding surgery.  When the decision was made that surgery was my only option is about when I took a fairly sudden leave of absence from the blogsphere.

During an MRI before surgery a lump was discovered.  It turned out to be a cancerous tumor.  It was removed, the surgery was done to repair my hip, and then I went through radiation to be sure that the cancer did not return.  I’ve been so exhausted and lackluster that even minor tasks have been difficult.  However, I am on the road to recovery and hope to be around the blogsphere much more often.  Thank you again for your patience while I work to get better!

Emergency Couple


Final Thoughts on Emergency Couple

As I live watched the drama I also live squeed.  What started as a squee-fest somehow turned into a recap session for each episode.  So beware as you click on the links at the end of the article each successive one will lean more towards a recap and be less squee and just review; which means they will be very spoiler heavy.


Heart Murmurs – Chapter 6

Oh boy this one has taken me a long-long time to complete.  Partially because my injury has prevented me from completing the chapter, but also life sort of got terribly busy and I had less time for writing.

So far this is the longest chapter to date!  I hope that you guys enjoy it!


I present Chapter 6!


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